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CoderCaste is a blog that is read by more than 30,000 unique programmers and programming enthusiasts every month. Our fast growth  is based on quality content and blog posts that are designed to help people in daily programming tasks. Note that our process of accepting a blog post in CoderCaste has become more thorough. We literally get dozens of such requests weekly, but we aim in keeping up with the quality. Our focus on quality has become even more strict, since CoderCaste is largely increasing its visitors base. That said, we definitely encourage you to send us a blog post for CoderCaste. As long as your post is interesting to our readers, it will be accepted. Be warned, though, that blog posts that are not technically sound and destined for programmers, will not be accepted.

Guest posting for our blog is more than welcome. Writing for the audience of is a great way to :

1. Receive some good exposure/traffic for your own blog/website.

2. Get a quality backlink from a PageRank 4 blog.

3. Communicate with the solid community that follows this blog daily.

If you have decided to write a guest post, please bear in mind of these simple rules :

1. You can have at most 2 links that point back to your website/blog in your guest post, not in the context of your post. You guest post should not relate with a product or service that you like to get a backlink for. You will be given 2 backlinks in the author information.

2. Your post must be highly technical and not speak vaguely about programming, and should have a close correlation with the topics discussed in this blog. Please do not submit low quality/interest posts because they will be rejected.

3. Your writings should not already be published in any other blog/website.

4. Guest Posts that refer to a particular product/service and thus are used to promote, will be rejected.

If you think that you can do that, please do, by any means. We’d love to publish your post :)

To initiate the process, send a message through the contact form of codercaste and we will contact you in order to get your post.

Thank you !