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Important WordPress Tips from WordPress Pros


WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular publishing platforms in the internet world today.  From developing new custom plugins to converting existing page designs, WordPress provides a range of options for web design Vancouver developers, both newbies and professionals. Take a look below at some useful WordPress tips covering a range of areas like development, business advice and even getting involved with the community.

WordPress Tips for Developers

Increase the overall website experience by making use of WordPress’ core, with its built-in-functionality and APIs. You can also make use of the two WordPress Hooks, namely actions and filters to alter how the site behaves without modifying any of the core files. It is equally important to protect your website against hackers by adhering to a strict data validation process and avoid writing any insecure plugins and themes. The basic principle is to develop an interphase that will provide a better experience for users.

Other great ways to leverage WordPress by developers include using custom post types, sharing solutions with the community and providing support for users.

Tips on Website Management

Two important aspects of WordPress web design management include enhancing your website security and using good backup practices. Staying vigilant about WordPress security should be the foremost responsibility for any site owner to ward off any unwarranted attacks by intruders and hackers.

Start by maintaining strong passwords that includes a combination of characters, numbers, symbols and cases. Also, steer clear of any commonly used password combinations like 1234. Other important security practices involve limiting admin access and clearing off any outdated software or installations that are not in use.

Having good backup practices are as important as maintaining strong website security. Some recommended backup services include VaultPress and BackupBuddy.

Business Advice

Unlike common notions, effective collaboration is critical to WordPress business success. “Nobody’s really going to steal your ideas,” says Kim Gjerstad who points out that collaborating with the right people can help scale new business heights. At the same time, Josh Strebel advices developers to choose their partners for collaboration carefully. Another important strategy for WordPress business development is tapping the growing mobile segment of the market including tablet and smartphone users with a mobile-friendly layout, responsive themes and applications.

There is also a need to create consistency and value for customers by reducing your support load. Web entrepreneur Frederick Townes suggest that this can be achieved by adopting certain practices like using the right tools, creating reliable codes, localizing and nurturing advocates who can, in turn, help you figure how to get new advocates. There is also a need to educate your clients on adopting the right practices and tools to avoid black-hat SEO and link scams.

Community Involvement

Getting involved with the community and contributing back is vital for all WordPress Developers to hone their skills. An ideal way to start is by getting actively involved with Trac and report if something doesn’t work. The different feedbacks to your report will, in fact, help in the quicker progress of the software. It is also equally important to remain up-to-date with new WordPress happenings by getting together with other members of the community, subscribing to WordPress blog sites and following core development chat logs.

Besides all this, staying up to date with what’s the latest on WordPress plugins is also a great way to keep up with what’s happening. You never know when a new plugin will appear that surpasses all of its competitors.

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