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5 Best Java Applications for your Cell Phone


Not all of us want to invest in a slick new iPhone or a snazzy Android device that will burn a hole in your pocket. It’s not just about the money either, my reason to not opt for these devices is simple – I drop my keys and cell all the time and I just don’t want to check how the new iPhone reacts after a four feet fall on concrete. What I like most about my old Java-powered Nokia is its sturdy built and proven ability to withstand shocks of various kinds. There is of course a tradeoff, I cannot play Angry Birds or reach my friends free through WhatsApp, so I don’t even try. But that definitely does not mean that you Java phone is just a medium sized paper weight that you can use to make phone calls. Recent progress in Java Application Development has led to the emergence of certain apps, which can extend the scope of your old phone. Some of these are discussed here:

Google Maps

Google revolutionized the use of internet in more ways than I can even try to discuss, but Google Maps is definitely my favorite. This Java-powered application can help you navigate the most intricate of urban mazes without breaking into a sweat. The UI of this particular app is specially suited for use with Java mobile phones, which usually feature a small or medium sized screen. Moreover it’s easy to use and the UI is definitely responsive even in case of phones that typically feature a smaller processor. Another Google Java App that deserves mention is the Gmail Mobile app, which allows you fast and easy access to your Gmail account sadly it does not do much else.  

Opera Mini

Back in the day, I used to be a die-hard supporter of the Opera browser for desktops. Sadly, the new desktop browser leaves a lot to be desired, but thankfully, the Opera Mini story has a different plot altogether. This Java application for mobile phones provides fast and easy access to the Internet and is perfectly suited for use over slow 2G networks. Though it lacks flash support, that is actually a benefit because pages load faster and it allows you to surf the web even in phones with smaller screens. Personal recommendation – try it once and you will never again want to use your phone’s in-built browser ever again.


Even if you old Java-powered cell cannot give you the entertainment of the iPhone or Android device, you do have a few low-intensity substitutes. One of these is the Nokia-owned Widsets. This java app allows you to choose and utilize multiple apps for your cell phone and provide simpler forms of entertainment usually through text, RSS and pictures. Widsets does not support a touch-based interface, however, it does support keypad/keyboard based entries.


As I have mentioned earlier, Java phones do not support WhatsApp, which can be quite disheartening, however, it does support old-school Instant Messaging (IM). Reporo is one of the many apps that allow you simultaneous access to multiple IM chat clients such as Gtalk, MSN, AOL etc. The new version of Reporo even has an online shopping option but that function works in only a few countries. Still it allows you to stay connected with people half-way across the world without burning a hole in your pocket.


For those who live and breathe Skype, this is a boon. That’s right you can actually connect to Skype using your old Java phone if you gave the EQO app. There is however a tradeoff, you need to keep your PC running and connected to the phone as EQO connects to the web through your PC and not the mobile internet. Agreed that it can be tricky, but dude, seriously, free calls online through your old phone, how cool is that?

I am sure that you have come across some of these applications and probably use one or more of them regularly, but still a reminder is sometimes helpful. So before you trade up your old Java phone, ask yourself, if you have checked out all it can do. Also, in case you think that I have missed any Java App which you feel I should have included, please leave a comment and we’ll take it from there.

This was a guest post by Abhishek. Abhishek is currently working with eXtendCode, an Software Development Company in India, which provides software solutions such as Java Application Development, Open Source Application Development, Data Base Solutions, Mobile Apps Development and Quality Assurance Services etc.