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10 Advantages of Using Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) in Web Development


Web design is the core of a web site. It is the deciding factor in a site’s success and performance. A good web design should ensure a steady traffic stream, generation of sales leads, and good ranking in search engine results.

CSS or cascading stylesheet enables linking of the documents on your site. This way you can retain control over the different components of your web pages. IT defines the structure and content presentation of a website and is not concerned with design. One CSS sheet can manage the info on fonts, positioning, color, and style of the whole site. CSS does a lot to make the website user friendly

CSS based websites are becoming more popular as you can separate the content from the presentation of the document.

So what are the advantages of using CSS?

  • Using CSS boosts the speed of loading the site and takes up much less bandwidth than table based sites. This is because the stylesheet is downloaded only the first time, after which it is cached, ensuring that the latter pages load real quick.
  • It complements HTML very well: when used in combination, HTML and CSS can create technically sound web pages which do not easily break.
  • You can place your element wherever you please in your page, as CSS makes use of pixels. At any stage of web development, you can re-position your links and columns if you feel they are not suitable to the situation. CSS simplifies the task of site maintenance.
  • CSS can be combined with HTML an XHTML as it is compatible across web browsers. CSS based sites appear similar in all browsers. This means users can access the site irrespective of the browser they are using.
  • You can use CSS to develop print friendly pages. This means that it becomes very easy for the user to print out the pages they want, even if there are images, graphics and multiple colors that are used.
  • Editing sites that have hundreds of pages becomes a breeze with CSS because all the pages are nested together and you can handle all the pages simultaneously.
  • The user can also easily customize the site according to their preferences. It is pretty straightforward to update a CSS based site, and the services of a professional for minor changes, is not required.
  • CSS stylesheets make your website more crawlable by the search engine websites. The earlier advantage of being able to position elements as per needs, leads to this advantage also. You can project the most important content first, and this is what the search engine spiders latch on to instantly. You also have cleaner HTML codes with CSS; this makes the search engine’s job easy. It will not have to separate the junk code and real content.
  • Your web pages will have greater consistency when you use CSS. The characteristics for all texts and expressions are derived from an external stylesheet. In case the element characteristics change at any change, they can be modified easily with CSS.
  • CSS makes the content more portable. You can create separate stylesheets for different media. You can make your content presentation much more flexible because of this. As the situations change you can redefine the attributes of the elements to make it suitable. You can also create a stylesheet to define specific element characteristics and make them easy to print.

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