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How Newer Upgrades in Ice Cream Sandwich Android Platform Are Going to Benefit Technology Device Manufacturers


As technology changes, it seems that technology device manufacturers also add improvements to their devices. Ice Cream Sandwich is one such, recently released, technology that looks to be extremely beneficial for device manufacturers.

New Framework

One of the biggest changes to the new operating system is the enhanced and unified framework used in the user interface. The new interface includes all the things that you loved about the previous 3.x interface and ads more elements to it; including the new APIs.
Examples of interfaces include the Samsung TouchWiz and Sony Ericsson’s Timescape user interface. The new framework allows device manufacturers to create better and enhanced interfaces. This will make navigation easier and faster than ever before. It will also allow manufacturers to finally make full use of the hardware they put into their devices.

One of the biggest changes to Ice Cream Sandwich is the new unification of contacts and files. This allows device manufacturers to create better storage and access methods for contact and files (photos, music, office documents and videos). This is especially important when it comes to widgets as they have to pull out information from the phone. By unifying a storage method, manufacturer-specific widgets and applications become more efficient than ever before. The new visual voicemail API also lets you get to your voicemail services faster than ever before. These services can be streamlined by device manufacturers to make their device better than the competition.

New Connections

The Android Beam is a new feature that was released with Ice Cream Sandwich. It allows two Android devices to send information directly to each other via Wi-Fi. You can practically share anything so long as you are within range. For device manufacturers and especially developers, this is one amazing innovation. Manufacturers can use this feature to allow almost anything to be shared including themes, widgets and even customizations. With the new Bluetooth Health Device Profile, doctors can easily connect to wireless hospital sensors and other such devices to keep a better track on their patients. If device manufacturers are able to make full use of this profile, it may just revolutionize the health industry.

Enhanced Application Development

Manufacturers can even set up new security, sharing and notification features that are specific to their devices. Manufacturers can also create custom widgets that enable their mobiles to work more efficiently. The new user interface allows device manufacturers to create widgets faster than ever before. All they have to do is program their customizations and the system will add everything else.

Better Camera Function

One of the biggest changes that come with Ice Cream Sandwich is that of enhanced camera capabilities. Better zoom, exposures, focusing and editing function all work efficiently to maximize the capabilities of the built-in cameras. For device manufacturers, this is a great way to maximize the capabilities of their hardware. Not every camera is able to perform well because of the above features. When an operating system is streamlined, its camera function improves as well. In short, the new Ice Cream Sandwich allows device manufacturers to get the most out of their cameras. It also allows them to build on current capabilities. Furthermore, with enhanced image processing and editing abilities, device manufacturers are finally able to make full use of their CPUs and GPUs. It also lets device manufacturers introduce new technology into their mobiles because of the (now) compatible operating system.

This is actually great news for GPU manufacturers who will now be able to create and integrate more powerful GPUs into mobile phones. Not only will the software be able to make full use of the hardware but manufacturers will also be able to create a more power saving solution. The new face detection technology also enables device manufacturers to come up with new ways of improving facial recognition; ways only available on their device. All the changes made in the input services are huge steps and benefits for device manufacturers. They can now finally create pressure and axis based input methods that will allow devices to perform better and more than they ever could. It seems that the new operating system from Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, is proving to be highly beneficial for device manufacturers. The biggest benefit to manufacturers is that they are finally able to make full use of their current and future hardware.

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