Posted March 26, 2010 by Spyros in Javascript Programming

What is the Best and Fastest Javascript Framework to Use?


Choosing the right Javascript framework to use along with your website programming code can be a pretty crucial decision. As a developer, you need to think in terms of performance and features. There are actually tons of different javascript frameworks out there and to be sincere, there has been a situation where i needed to pick one for a large scale project i was programming.

The first thing that i had in mind was speed. I wanted the library to be lightweight and effective. I could live without some features, but performance is really critical. You do not really want your users waiting over client code that is executing on their browsers.

I remember that i had 3 frameworks in mind at the time. They were mootools, yui and prototype. I wouldn’t really know which one was faster. At the time, i was playing the well known Ikariam browser game and i noticed that they were using YUI. Ikariam, though a nice game, is pretty slow on its javascript handling. So, i thought that YUI may have not been a good choice. Then, i also noticed that tribal wars was using mootools. I was always fascinated on their client side scripting. Their game runs really fast. This made me think that mootools was probably the best choice, BUT i needed proof.

Luckily, there is a tool (in mootools website), that can help us make out which js library is faster. You can find the tool here :

Javascript Frameworks performance test

If you run the test (do it, it’s fun), you will notice that mootools, along with Dojo, are the fastest frameworks. So, now you now. Choose wisely :)