Posted November 12, 2009 by Spyros in General Tips & Tricks

Learn How to Search Online and Find Everything You Need


Few people actually understand the importance of knowing how to search online. Believe it or not, there are literally dozens of techniques about searching the internet. While few people would invest lots of time to learn more about that (although they really should), doing so is really worth it in the end. In this post, i will be describing you some of the nice things that you can do to make searching online a nice and fruitful experience for you.

Before even saying anything, i have to mention a website that has definately transformed web searching to an art. The web searching lore is a website created by the late +Fravia, right after his reverse engineering pages were frozen. It contains incredible knowledge about searching online and some of the things that you will read below is knowledge that i gained from this website. If you’re interested in learning more advanced things, don’t forget to bookmark this one.

The most important first thing to understand is that raw power actually comes from learning to use the various search engines and especially the king of search engines, Google. Taking some time to learn some of Google’s search directives can really prove to be a nice time investment. You can find a pretty nice guide about google search operators here.

Let’s see together some of the important ones. Suppose that we need to locate a pdf file about Fravia. A natural search would be something like :

fravia filetype:pdf

At the same search term, if you change filetype:pdf to -filetype:pdf, you would instruct the search engine to locate anything related to fravia that is NOT a pdf file. In the same manner, you can use something like:

allinurl: search lores

This instructs google to search for the terms “search” and “lores” inside URLS and only return those that contain these words. Another useful one is the site directive that specifies the domain name that we want to search for and it only returns results under that domain we specify. Now that you get the idea about how to use these simple directives to search better, let’s be more specific.

Search For Books

If you think that you can always find a book online if you just type its name, you may be disappointed to see that most times you will be getting spam websites, ads or anything that is not actually related to what you seek. Alas, using the right search engine term for google can really make the difference.

-inurl:html -inurl:html intitle:"index of" + ("/ebooks"|"/book") + (chm|pdf|zip) + "networks"

Don’t let this intimidate you. What it does is actually very easy. First, we specify that we want google to return to us webpages that contain html or htm on their urls. Moreover, it requires that the title of the page is “index of”. This actually looks for directory listings that people tend to use when uploading lots of ebooks and software. Then, it also looks for chm,pdf or zip files and websites having “/ebooks” or “/book” as part of their name, finally also specifying that the actual search term is networks. This returns a nice result set of books about networks.

Search For Images

Image searching used to be a bit tedious until google created the great google images directory. Nowadays, a simple search can yield hundreds of results for you and you can locate interesting images in seconds. Just beware of the copyright that they may have.

Search For Music

This is the part that people seem to be having some problem finding stuff for. Well, you can certainly just use a simple rapidshare search engine in order to locate lots of music. However, there is actually a pretty powerful search engine term that can help you locate songs and even complete collections of music.

mp3 "index of" michael jackson

What this actually does is locate search listings that refer to michael jackson mp3 songs  and as you can guess you can find thousands of them. Notice that “index of” is specified inside brackets, meaning that the searching engine should find this EXACT term as is (while Michael Jackson is a vague search term and stuff like Jackson alone can be found). Believe me, the search engine results you will get from that can easily gather you Michael Jackson’s full discography (including not published songs).

This tutorial can keep going on and on but i think i’ll conclude my writings for now and if i notice some interest on the subject i will be writing more. In the mean time do not forget to take a look at the great +Fravia’s website.