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Will You Be Using Windows 7 ?


Please don’t make up your mind on what you are going to read just based on the image that accompanies this post. Now, i understand that this presents some bias against Windows but it will not be like this. If you ask me in person, i believe that Windows are good for some stuff and are not good for some others.I was using Windows for quite some years before switching to linux for my main development system ( i prefer Mac OS for desktop usage) and i have done much programming in this environment.

However, since i happen to have tasted both of the 2 worlds, i would really like to take a close look to the new Windows 7 that just hit the stores in the whole world and i would also want your opinion about it. It all comes down to the question : Will you be using Windows 7 ?

I’m certain that many people will have arguments against that, but the truth is that Windows is the leading operating system nowadays mainly because of 2 important facts. Marketing and ease of use. In that order. Although it has never been a really stable system, it has become the standard end user os mainly because there was no real competition.

Nowadays, there is much more competition that little by little threatens Windows. The main reason why this situation has changed is that Linux has also moved towards simple users and not only programmers and computer specialists, by creating the well known distribution Ubuntu. For years, Linux was an operating system that few people could actually use, but nowadays using Ubuntu is probably even simpler than Windows.

To The Game

However, there is a very important aspect that makes Windows a very important operating system and this is gaming. Gaming is one of the greatest industries in the world and produces lots of money. Microsoft was smart enough (or cunning enough) to make their operating systems the only solution when it comes to playing games. Don’t tell me that you never play games. Personally, i use Linux and Mac OS 95% of  my time but when it comes gaming (or some windows programming) i have to switch back to Windows.

The Vista Failure

The thing that Microsoft did incorrectly in the case of Windows Vista is overestimating how much resources Windows can use for no apparent reason. Microsoft never really cared about preserving memory as their first choice. With Windows Vista, they tried to create a rather bloated user interface and a general Operating System that consumes resources like leeches consume blood.

From some point of view that can be considered fair. Microsoft tried to make their OS more pleasing to the eye but really haven’t thought that Windows is actually an operating system and not a game. It needs to be fast and effective and if there is some room for eye candy, then it is just acceptable.

The other mistake that Vista did was trying to secure things in an insecure way. Believe me, having messageboxes asking you all the time whether you want to run this or that is just a false perception of security. They probably wanted the novice user to think that their system was more secure, but they only managed to bug him with useless prompts.

What Seems Better on Windows 7

The new Windows 7 has been released now and after the failure of Windows Vista, it seems that it will once more become a success, probably a bigger one than Windows XP (certainly the best distribution so far, before 7 at least). The smart people at Microsoft have understood the problems. They recreated Windows 7 to be more like an OS and fixed the issues that bugged the users and made their lives hard.

The Interface, known as Aero, has not changed much but seems to resemble Linux KDE quite a lot, also taking ideas from Mac Os, what is most probably the best Operating System for Desktop usage in my humble opinion. The most important thing about Windows 7 is that it now is much more lightweight than Windows Vista was. It does not suck up every resource the system has to offer and just consumes almost reasonable amount of RAM.

Seems that Windows has really remembered why XP was the main hit..

Windows 7, Linux or Mac OS ?

In short, whatever you like. Depending on the things you want to do on your computer, you will discover your own way through the operating system that suits you :

1. Windows is good for casual Desktop and gaming needs for most users.

2. Mac OS is the best Desktop OS but lacks gaming support.

3. Linux is actually the only real choice when true development and programming needs rise.

Suit yourself. Pick the one that you feel better with, but in the process do not forget to try them all, at least for a period of 2-3 months, if you want to be totally sure on what you like more.

Only then you can truly answer the question :  Will You be Using Windows 7 or Not ?