Posted September 28, 2009 by Spyros in Linux Tips

SSHFS – Remote Filesystem in Unix


sshfs is a program with which one can open(or edit) a remote filesystem in unix( i think it also can work under fat and ntfs). It’s extremely important in cases where vnc is not possible, since only console is available.

The installation process is very simple and i won’t describe anything more here. For more information check:


sshfs creates a group under the name fuse. In order to be able to run an executable as a user, this user should have to be
inside that group, have permissions over the newly mounted file and have execute access at /usr/bin/fusermount and /etc/fuse.conf. These things happen after issuing the commands below:

adduser ForTheWin fuse
mkdir mountDir
chown ForTheWin:fuse mountDir
chown ForTheWin:fuse /dev/fuse
chmod +x /usr/bin/fusermount
chmod +x /etc/fuse.conf

If you like you can also add a line at /etc/fstab :

sshfs#user@server.domain.com:/starting/path fuse user,allow_other 0 0

(maybe noauto is better for you)

And then you can finally mount the filesystem :

sshfs name@remoteHost:remoteFilePath localMountPoint

In case /dev/fuse module cannot be found, load it with :

modprobe /dev/fuse